Philip E. Friesen


Fellow of Intercultural Studies and Multicultural Ministry


B.S. Wheaton College 1966
M.S. Northwestern University 1969
Mdiv Bethel Seminary 1996



Broader Activities:

Stadium Village Church – International outreach to the international community and the scholars of the world at the University of Minnesota
Board Member – Christians Meeting Muslims
Author – The Old Testament Roots of Nonviolence for Jesus.


Email Address:

Short Bio:
Short Story of My Life

Spent the last 60 years of my life learning to follow Jesus, trying to share my enthusiasm for him, educating myself- and for 36 years, loving a woman named Vu thi Tien Kim from Vietnam and raising a family.

Had a great mother, Amanda- completely paralyzed 40 years, but she was a great story teller and a well published poet. Had a great father, Jacob- great lover- cared for Mom 40 yrs. At 65 I have a great life, a wonderful Savior, and a monstrous hope that extends forever.

Just now learning the internet, but previously learned french horn, piano, and Chinese language. Visited 25 different countries. Performed and taught music on four continents and edited a hymnbook in Taiwanese.

Started PhD in ’71-72, but didn’t think they were educating me-quit. Took 30 years to finish seminary and earn an M. Div. in missions. Ordained as minister in ’90.

My first book will be published this winter by Wipf and Stock– to be called the Old Testament Roots of Nonviolence for Jesus. My next will be on “homosexuals in church.” Watch my blog next 12 months.

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